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  • Report on the Visit of Professor Angelika Messner from University of Kiel, Germany

    2018-11-19 Source:组织人事  Author:

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    From September 7th, 2018 to October 8th, professor Angelika Messner, from University of Kiel, Germany, at the invitation of the Department of Philosophy of Zhejiang University, the Center for Language and Cognitive Studies of Zhejiang University, and the Institute of Science and Technology and Social Development of Zhejiang University, visited Zhejiang University. Lectures and other academic exchange activities are held at the School of Humanities.


    Angelika Messner is currently the professor and director of the China Center of the University of Kiel, Germany, the visiting professor at the Technical University of Berlin and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine , the member of the Association of Asian Studies (AAS) , the European Association for Chinese Studies (EACS), the International Society for the History of Science and technology and Medicine of East Asia (ISHEASTM), as well as the editorial board of the Journal of the World and the History of the Orient (JESHO) and Shanghai Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has published 2 monographs in German, 3 academic works as co-author and more than 70 academic papers. With prominent achievements on emotional research over years from a multidisciplinary perspective (including Chinese medical history, philosophy of science and anthropology), she has earned an influential academic reputation in the international Chinese scientific history and sinology community.


    The theme of Professor Angelika Messner’s visit and academic exchange is "Emotional Research in a Multidisciplinary Perspective". On the evening of September 26th, she gave an academic lecture entitled "The Issue of Anxiety and Suffering in Past and Present Humanities" at the 78th event of the "Xixi Philosophical Dialogue". The event was hosted by philosophy professor Li Hengwei from the School of Humanities, Zhejiang University. Professor Angelika Messner began with the suffering recorded in historical documents and presented some examples of using body sensations and feelings to describe emotions and feelings. Next, combined with some hot words in recent years, she and the audiences discussed people’s performance under anxiety and pain. She analyzed the relationship between words describing anxiety & pain, and anxiety & pain per se. Then, she put forward a number of ideas on how to alleviate anxiety and suffering, arguing that academic research, government cooperation and social forces should play an important role in this regard.

    On the afternoon of September 28th, Professor Angelika Messner gave an academic lecture entitled "Emotions in 17th century Chinese Context” at the coffee bar in School of Humanities, Xixi Campus. Lecture was hosted by associate Professor Wang Miao from the Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities, Zhejiang University. During the lecture, following questions are put forward to arouse audience’s interests: How to study emotions from the perspective of history and philosophy? Why is emotions an important issue in the humanities and in clinical medicine research? In Chinese literary works and medical writings in the 17th century, there is a great deal of content mentioning emotions. In the lecture, Professor Angelika Messner, showed the importance of emotions in historical research by synthesizing these historical materials, and expounded her views on how to carry out interdisciplinary research on emotion in depth.


    Professor Angelika Messner's academic lecture is broad in view, rich in content, clear in thinking and vivid in rhetoric. This event attracts both teachers and students in School of Humanities and participants from China Jiliang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Zhejiang Normal University, Ningbo University, Huzhou Vocational and Technical College, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, Zhejiang Institute of Hydraulics and Estuary. Both audiences and Professor Angelika Messner enjoyed the feast of knowledge.


    During this visit, Professor Angelika Messner joined teachers and students from School of Humanities in various forms of seminars, small colloquia, academic workshops, academic interviews and other activities and discussed how to promote and strengthen the future academic cooperation and exchange in particular.


    Professor Angelika Messner's visit and academic exchange activities were funded by the International Relations office of Zhejiang University and the Research Fund for Central Universities.


    Translation: Yang Panpan, Proofreading & Edit: Wang Zheng