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  • Prof. Leon van der Torre was appointed as guest professor of Zhejiang University

    2019-05-30 Source:组织人事  Author:

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    The Seminar on Logics for Human-machine Interaction and Integration was hold in Xixi Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 14 January 2019. It was jointly organized by the Department of Philosophy and the Institute of Logic and Cognition at Zhejiang University. Prof. Leon van der Torre, expert in logic and artificial intelligence from University of Luxembourg, was the keynote of this seminar, and he gave a talk titled The Pinocchio architecture for human-AI interaction. A large number of teachers and students from logic, philosophy, and linguistics joined the seminar. Their lively discussion made the seminar very successful. 


    Prof. van der Torre had reported his recent joint work on autonomous system. He pointed out that an autonomous system is constructed by a manufacturer, operates in a society subject to norms and laws, and interacts with end-users. In his talk, Prof. van der Torre addressed the challenge of how the moral values and views of all stakeholders can be integrated and reflected in the moral behaviour of the autonomous system. And then he proposed an artificial moral agent architecture that uses techniques from normative systems and formal argumentation to reach moral agreements among stakeholders. Finally he presented how their architecture can be used not only for ethical practical reasoning and collaborative decision-making, but also for the explanation of such moral behavior. 


    During the talk, Prof. van der Torre had launched the most recent collaboration project among University of Luxembourg and Zhejiang University, and had announced the establishment of the Luxembourg-Zhejiang joint Center on AI and Reasoning. Meanwhile, Prof. van der Torre was appointed as guest professor of Zhejiang University.