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  • SoHer in the battle against NCP

    2020-02-21 Source:威尼斯人官网娱乐场英文网  Author:

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    Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), the School of Humanities (SoH) has attached paramount importance to ensuring the safety and health of the entire community, while every SoHer stays firm and actively participates in the fight against the epidemic.


    The School Leaders

    On January 20, the school leaders visited students who would stay in the campus during 2020 spring festival, talking about their concerns, showing kindness and expressing expectations. Immediately after the spring festival, the school leaders spontaneously extended their duty hours for the convenience of those staff members who are not living in Hangzhou and struck at home due to the epidemic. The leaders had meetings online and offline last week, to coordinate the new-term plan so that every work in the school will be done in order. 

    The Students

    On February 24, all the courses in the Spring Quarter will start as scheduled. Students can access all sorts of courses including P.E. class via the online platforms called “Learning@ZJU” and “Ding Talk for Zhejiang Unversity”. Besides regular learning activities, the students have shown dedication and care for their communities. At this crucial moment in combating the virus, some students serve as volunteers to help with temperature measurement, NCP policy promotion, statistic service and so on. A few students have done impressive work by utilizing their resources and connections in the university to build an online psychological consultation service platform where professionals deliver free assistance to those who suffer from excessive mental pressure during this special period.  

    The Staff Members

    For common safety concerns, many teaching staff members either cancelled or postponed their plans of being abroad including attendance on important international conferences as soon as the virus broke out. To prepare the online teaching which will begin on February 24, teachers have spared no effort in improving skills for live streaming and some of them did prove their potential to be online celebrities. The online course “Classic Tang Poems” delivered by professor Hu Kexian’s team has been listed in National Top-quality Courses. Besides, the administrative staff members have been working online since the spring festival. In addition to their regular work, they play an active role in supportive work to ensure every SoHer healthy and safe.  

    (Professor Hu in the China MOOC platform)